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Current Openings:

  • Civil Engineer or Land Survey Internship

To submit an application for employment with

Project Delivery Group, please forward your resume

and a cover letter describing your experience to

Our working environment creates a close-knit team working together to ensure client needs are met. Our firm is of adequate size to provide technical competence in specialized civil engineering and planning, but small enough to provide a high level of personalized service to our clients.  If you are interested in a firm with a collaborative culture and broad service scope, and an appropriate position is not listed as available, please feel free to send us a resume and a cover letter explaining how you will add value to our current staff and clients.


We value input from employees regarding both project and business related issues.  We constantly look for opportunities to improve efficiency and enhance service offerings.  Employees are encouraged to increase their skills and knowledge at work and by spending personal time to improve their skills.  Those who thrive at PDG recognize the personal value of newly developed skills and actively seek opportunities to expand their professional abilities.  Our projects are challenging and wide-ranging, providing staff with the chance to enhance general, as well as specialized expertise.


Our staff schedules provide flexibility to meet the needs of employees, but require coordination with other staff to assure the needs of our clients are met.   We expect staff to work efficiently so the whole team can meet our clients’ needs and succeed on-time.  Project Delivery Group is a non-smoking work environment, including our company vehicles or when working at a client job site.  Project Delivery Group is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer. Our plan is available upon request.


Employees have access to extensive training resources and opportunities to develop pertinent skills toward:

  • Preparation for professional licensure;
  • Developing business-related technical abilities in specialized areas of interest; and
  • Enhancing interpersonal skills, management ability, client contacts, public contact, and other "soft skills" so employees can realize their fullest potential.

We believe training must be an ongoing process throughout a person's career. We also believe it is the joint responsibility of the employer and the employee to invest in the training effort.  While PDG receives value when employees gain skills, employees take these skills with them if they leave our firm. PDG will assist with cost of training opportunities aligned with the needs and goals of PDG and the individual, but we expect staff to invest their time for training.  PDG provides a very generous personal leave benefit to facilitate use of paid time off for training events, or ongoing self-study outside of work hours.


Project Delivery Group offers a complete and competitive benefits plan to our employees.  These benefits include the following:

  • Paid Time Off (PTO) – Full time employees receive sixteen (16) hours per month of PTO to use at their discretion while employed by PDG.  This time provides employees with flexibility to address sick days, vacations, and continuing education activities.  Accrual begins immediately following employment.
  • Sick Leave  – Part time employees are provided forty (40) hours per year as required by Oregon law rather than PTO.
  • Paid Holidays – Employees are paid for New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.  Flexibility is provided by PDG regarding when the employee may use these days.  Holiday pay is prorated for part time employees working more than twenty hours weekly.
  • Health Insurance – Project Delivery Group pays the complete cost for full-time employee health insurance with first dollar coverage, beginning the month after sixty days of employment.  We utilize a high-deductible insurance policy and provide contributions to each employee’s Health Savings Account equal to the full amount of the deductible.  Family member coverage is available at employee expense.
  • Health Savings Account – As noted above, PDG contributes to each employee’s Health Savings Account (HSA).  The contribution is made monthly and the annual total is equal to the employee’s heath insurance deductible and employees can make additional pre-tax contributions.  These pre-tax funds may be used for medical, dental, and optical expenses of employees and immediate family members.  The health savings account remains the property of the individual employee.
  • 401k Retirement Plan – All employees may contribute to a 401K plan or Roth 401K plan beginning with their first paycheck.
  • Disability Insurance – Project Delivery Group provides short term and long term disability insurance policies for our full time employees.
  • Group Life Insurance – Project Delivery Group maintains group life policies equal to the annual salary for each employee working more than twenty hours weekly.  Additional coverage may be purchased by the employee through the group plan.
  • Life Flight Coverage – All PDG staff members are provided with a membership to Life Flight for emergency rescue services for all immediate family members.
  • Optical Insurance – Optical insurance is included in the PDG Health Plan and available to family members at employee expense.
  • Dental Insurance – Dental insurance is included in the PDG Health Plan and available to family members at employee expense.





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